Fall 2019
2 W 13th St.,
Room 1201

Jacob Heftmann
Office hours by appointment

Fall 2019
2 W 13th St.,
Room 1201

Jacob Heftmann
Office hours by appointment



I’ve pulled out a few key points for you and put them in plain language below. In addition, please thoroughly read the complete syllabus.


Please refer to the website for the most up-to-date schedule, as things will likely change during the semester.


Sometimes things come up and you may need to miss a class. One is fine, but two or more absences will impact your grade. Likewise, being late is inconsiderate to your peers so please be on time or it will start to count against your attendance.

Time committment

This course is a crucial component in your time here at Parsons, and we cannot possibly cover everything by meeting once a week. You are expected to devote time outside of class to your projects and independent research.

We do not have room for dedicated studio space, but you are encouraged to spend time, perferably on campus, working alongside your peers. This exchange of ideas is invaluable.


Your computer is a necessary tool for this class. However, concentration is an even more important tool. Please learn to limit the amount of distractions you expose yourself to during studio hours and keep your phones in your bags.


Feedback on projects will be given verbally in critiques. If at any time you’re curious how you’re doing in the class, please contact me.

25% – Attendance & Class Participation
10% – Collections
10% – Reading Responses
30% – Workshops
25% – Semester Catalog

A – Consistently outstanding work quality, exceeds requirements, exceptional enthusiasm and participation in class and group work
B – Good work and participation
C – Turns in assignments and shows up to class
F – Missing assignments and/or participation


Your projects will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Credit: complete, turned in on-time and in an organized fashion, and meet the guidelines of the project brief
  • Contribution: imbues the passion and personality of its maker
  • Self-direction: demonstrates outside research, self-initiated learning, and analysis
  • Depth: concern with conceptual and critical thinking, authenticity, clear point-of-view,
  • Breadth: exhibits experimentation, iteration, risk-taking, and utilizes a range of approaches, tools, skills, techniques, and methods
  • Craft: shows thoroughness, attention to detail, technical competency, organization, and future planning

Late work will be accepted but cannot be given full credit. You are encouraged to continue working on projects past their due date for re-evaluation at the end of the term.


Participation is required for success in this course. In fact, it is weighted more heavily than any individual project. Participation includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Attendance
  • Giving thoughtful critique
  • Receiving critique graciously
  • Participating in classroom discussions
  • Working with a team in a fair and cooperative manner
  • Overall enthusiasm

Turning in work

I will not spend a lot of time looking for your assignments. When given, please follow all directions for turning in work. Where directions are not given, you are expected to consider the user experience of someone receiving and viewing your work.

It is very important that you back up your work by working out of something like Dropbox or Google Drive. There will be no special accommodations made for anyone who has lost files.


There is a Slack team for the entire MPS program, and we have a channel for this class (#type-interaction-1). This channel is an extension of our studio; please use it to share links, in-progress work, discuss topics, and ask for/give help to your peers.

We will use this instead of email for all class corresponsdence, including class announcements, so please make sure that you have Slack installed on your computer (and possibly your phone) and are aware of when there are new messages*.

*We should respect eachother’s time outside of class, so you are free to silence notifications on evenings and weekneds.


My intent is to respect and give forum to a range of perspectives and backgrounds, including culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, disability, age. In instances where I personally am not qualified to speak from a specific perspective, you are encouraged to explore this area yourself. Please let me know if you feel that there are ways that the course can better serve these goals.